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String inverter 1ph with 1 MPPT

Huayu's single-phase string inverters with compact design, high power density @ 6KG for 3kW model, are specially designed for small photovoltaic power generation projects on roofs that are connected to the grid with single-phase 220V voltage; With 80V starting voltage and an ultra-wide MPPT operating voltage range of 70 ~ 500V, a maximum efficiency of 97.5% is achieved.

String inverter 1ph with 1 MPPT

  • Higher yields
    Maximum efficiency of 97.5%
    DC / AC ratio up to 1.3, fully suitable for double-sided PV modules

    User friendly
    Local LCD display and buttons, easy to use
    Compact design, high power density @ 6KG for 3kW model
    RS485 / RS232 / WiFi / GPRS interface
    Remote monitoring and management via smartphone or PC

    Safe and reliable
    Built-in export limit function, output power range from 0-100%
    Wide output voltage range of 160-300V
    Supports the VSG function, applicable to poor network areas
    Intelligent cooling , IP65 degree of protection
    Multiple protection and detection

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