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Tecinnova International is a diversified group of companies based in Rostock, Germany. The basis of the group was founded in 2010 by Mr. Hans-Peter Kreuzberg, a large entrepreneur who founded and operated successful companies in Germany.

Tecinnova's business activities are concentrated in four main business areas: - Research / development (R&D) and production in the field of renewable energies with a focus on solar and wind - In construction with strength in R&D for building materials and concepts, especially in combination with energy generation, energy saving and intelligent building concepts. - R&D in the areas of energy storage, distribution technologies and energy generation technologies - Waste to Energy technologies and concepts, Smart City concepts.

Tecinnova operates in all major regions of the world and is one of the leading groups of companies in the field of renewable energy products and smart energy projects. With over 800 employees in our group, we are able to develop sustainable solutions for individual buildings up to intelligent city concepts. In the future, Tecinnova wants to contribute to the growth of renewable energies in all regions of the world by sustainably combining the benefits of its customers, business partners and surrounding communities.

Our management


Hans-Peter Kreuzberg

CEO and founder

Long-time central purchaser, for large German corporation, managing director of logistics, for internationally active German shipping company. Technically innovative product development is the basis of Peters acting.


Languages: German, Italian


André Volker Pfab

Head of Technology and founding member

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After finding his passion for innovative and technologically unique concepts in the field of renewable energies, André as Head of Techonlogys brings his ideas, his many years of experience and his knowledge into the projects of our customers and leads them with our products and the rest of the team to success.


Languages: German, English


Direct contact

Our team


Ferah Yıldız

Project Co-Ordinator Turkey and Middle East

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Thanks to her many years of experience in the tourism sector, her willingness to travel and her deep knowledge of the Turkish and Middle East market, which resulted in contacts to decision-makers in business and politics, Ferah is now successfully contributing to our activities in this area.


Languages: Turkish, German



Yılmaz Beşiroğlu

Project Co-Ordinator Russia and CAC-Countries

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We are happy to welcome Yılmaz to our team. Thanks to the chairmanship of the Turkish - Russian Association of Business People, it enriches our activities in the Russian-speaking world. We are proud to have convinced him of the quality of our products and services, so that he represents our interests in the region with passion.


Languages: Turkish, Russian


Maryam Naghipour

Project Co-Ordinator Iran / Irak

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Thanks to Maryam's experience in Iran and Iraq, which results from many years of work and from your degree as a Bachelor of Science in architecture, your commitment in the field of renewable energies in your country, we are very proud to have won you for our team.


Languages: Farsi, Turkish

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