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TP1 & TP2

Tecinnova TP1 & TP2

Creative and innovative ideas are only part of solving our biggest problems in our time.
The difficulty is in bringing these ideas together. To reduce energy consumption where possible. To generate the required energy with existing resources, locally and with synergy effects.
These are the goals of our work.

One result of many successful concepts worldwide is our Waste to Energy concepts TP1 & TP2.

These are not products; it is a collection of proven technologies that enables us to address the specific needs of the region in which the TP1 / 2 concept is to be implemented.

LTC system (TP2)

The aim of the LTC (Low Temperature Convention) process is to use the conversion technology for the efficient processing of solid and liquid raw materials and waste. The advanced thermocatalytic material gasification with integrated gas cleaning takes place in a completely closed system. The individual partial flows are conducted in risers through intermediate stages, so that the rich or power gases are created, the constant composition of which is substance-specific. Due to the different chemistry of the different feedstocks, the LTC system systems are designed individually for each group of substances. In continuous operation, all LTC systems generate solid and / or gaseous energy sources with high to very high power density from solid and liquid, organic raw materials and waste. Through additional integrated devices, these energy sources are converted into electricity with little heat loss and high efficiency.

  • LTC is a multi-stage thermal-catalytic decomposition process that works in a closed system without an open flame

  • LTC breaks down organic materials into their basic elements and converts them into a clean, high-energy gas

  • End products are gas and / or electricity & heat

  • Optionally, the gas generated can be converted into liquid fuel

  • Inorganic residues can be recycled, no landfill required


Top technology made in Germany.

In the power range from 250 to 550 kW, we have succeeded in significantly increasing the efficiency of the CHP unit through improved combustion chamber geometry.

A higher efficiency has decisive advantages for the operator: less gas consumption, lower fuel costs, higher yield.

Generators for decentralized generation of energy


Successful worldwide with combined heat and power.

A 2G power plant is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to reduce energy costs in the long term and want to decouple themselves from further increases in the price of electricity. As a pioneer, innovator and one of the world's leading manufacturers of decentralized power generation systems using combined heat and power (CHP), we have put thousands of technologically advanced, highly efficient CHP systems into operation since 1995.
Satisfied customers worldwide confirm the quality, performance and reliability of our products and solutions. 2G is listed as a stock corporation on the Deutsche Börse scale and employs 600 people.


Our delivery program includes CHP systems in the electrical power range from 20 kW to 2,000 kW.


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