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Water treatment

Water treatment

Wherever conventional water treatment methods reach their limits or the disposal of process liquids exceeds the financial scope, we bring our membrane distillation technology to bear. If the water source is outside of conventional infrastructure, we use our solar-powered cleaning systems.


Consortium partner

SolarSpring GmbH from Freiburg has developed a solution for the recovery of resources based on membrane technology.

With the rEvap , ingredients from industrial rinsing solutions can be concentrated to such an extent that they can be used again and can be fed into the industrial process together with the clean water obtained. This closes energy and material cycles and makes industrial processes more sustainable. The rEvap is designed for use in industrial water recycling and ready for market entry.

Companies in the metalworking, textile and Food industry and agriculture successfully use our technology and products for wastewater treatment and recycling as well as for the complete recovery of resources.


The rEvap technology is the perfect solution for small and medium-sized companies that want to close material cycles and minimize disposal costs. The systems are equipped with a plate module. We would be happy to carry out appropriate preliminary examinations for you.


Technical details:

  • For process water / waste water up to 1 m³ / h

  • Fully automatic

  • Controlled by Siemens PLC

  • Customizable according to customer requirements

  • All channel geometries possible

  • Suitable for endurance runs


Galvanic industry

  • Acid recycling

  • Nickel recovery

  • Treatment of baths from various galvanic applications


Manufacture of printed circuit boards

  • Recovery of gold and other rare metals


Plastics industry

  • Concentration of sodium chloride (NaCl) for chlor-alkali electrolysis


Food industry

  • Recycling and concentration of saline process water (vegetables etc.)


Sewage treatment plants

Brief portrait of our services

Tecinnova International GmbH is a typical engineering company in this area. We are independent and not tied to a restrictive range of products. We are looking for an individual solution for each project, both in terms of process engineering and plant design.

We build turnkey sewage plants as a general contractor or limit ourselves to planning and complete technical equipment.

Our goal is not only to satisfy our client, but to start a long-term partnership with the construction or equipment of the sewage treatment plant.


Worldwide experience for innovative solutions

More than 30 years of experience of our consortium partner and a few hundred reference systems are the basis for interesting solutions. We work worldwide, have references from China to Mexico and are active in many countries either directly or through partner companies. The focus of our range of services is


biological sewage treatment plants.

They are always tailored to the individual project conditions, detached from restrictive standards and equipped with first-class, reliable plant technology. Single or multi-line SBR wastewater treatment plants , combined basin flow plants as well as innovatively designed pond sewage plants are part of our plant repertoire.


We design and implement solutions starting with approx. 100 PE up to connected loads of 100,000 PE. For all process variants, we guarantee economical plant operation, excellent cleaning performance with the greatest possible breakdown of carbon (BOD / COD), nitrogen and phosphorus. Especially in areas with little water, our sewage treatment plants are designed for the reuse of the treated wastewater for green area irrigation etc.

Sewage treatment plants
Consortium partner

Water preparation

In response to the increasing demand for new possibilities of drinking water production and building on the latest scientific findings, our team around water generators developed solutions for various application scenarios.

Atmospheric water extraction

closed network independent and self


The first and only hydropanel in the world

Conventional water options can be risky and unpredictable.
Source is safe, independent and waste free.


Water production

Using advanced water harvesting technology, a standard source array replaces more than a pack of twelve and up to a pack of twenty on a sunny day.


Water quality

SOURCE water is mineralized with calcium and magnesium, which ensures an optimal taste. With this perfect combination of electrolytes for your fluid supply, SOURCE brings the highest quality water for your health directly to your tap.


Water security

Our commitment to quality and safety means that SOURCE is geared towards producing and maintaining the highest quality drinking water with an integrated system that keeps stored water safe.




Complies with USEPA standards for drinking water




Water production
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