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100% renewable supply


For the long-term success of the energy transition and for climate protection, we need alternatives to fossil fuels. Hydrogen will play a key role as a versatile energy source. Because it makes it possible to significantly reduce CO2 emissions, especially in industry and transport, with the help of renewable energies.


For an emission-free future and the preservation of our planet: The goal of Tecinnova International is to implement the most cost-effective conversion of electricity into hydrogen by PEM electrolysis. With the cumulative installed electrolysis capacity, the specific conversion costs for the fuel hydrogen decrease and this becomes more and more relevant to competition for more and more markets.

Real sector coupling and thus the implementation of a successful energy transition will also be possible. Because the cost-effective conversion of clean wind and solar power into storable hydrogen creates the basis for rapid market access for renewable energies in the diverse areas of application of hydrogen as an energy source.



Renewable power


The scenarios for using hydrogen are extremely diverse. Our PEM products target the core markets of mobility, research and development, material use, power-to-x and heat supply. We can draw on extensive experience and expert knowledge in these industries. Our team helps companies with comprehensive service from installation to operational management. Thanks to sophisticated technology and high-quality engineering, we always guarantee optimal performance values ​​- regardless of the purpose for which you use the hydrogen from our stacks and electrolysers.

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