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-Competence creates trust and security-


A competent team, a cooperative management style and flat hierarchies create ideal conditions for individual development. Short communication channels promote the constructive exchange of projects with all parties involved and ensure optimal work and process efficiency.

Tecinnova International GmbH stands for respectful and fair cooperation, mutual trust towards our customers, business partners and employees.

Our goal is to quickly establish new ideas in the market and to set new, efficient energy standards in the field of renewable energies.

The know-how of our employees and their interdisciplinary cooperation are the basis of our technological competence.

Innovations are fundamental to this.

In addition to special qualification and further training programs for specialists and managers, as well as special coaching offers for the service area, we attach great importance to the exchange of knowledge with our business partners.


Careful administration


-Planable timings guarantee security-


Economists in all areas, computer scientists, lawyers, engineers and commercial employees are responsible for the strategic, logistical, organizational and administrative tasks of Tecinnova International GmbH in the administrative area. International, special local conditions find a qualified adaptation to the respective locations, as well as their official specifications.




-Powering renewable energy products worldwide-


As a forward-looking and international company, Tecinnova International GmbH sees it as a major challenge to drive the supply of renewable energy globally in a decisive and highly efficient way.

Intensive support and individual customer advice to important decision-makers is one of the core tasks.

Our sales specialists plan, coordinate and trade our highly efficient systems worldwide and supply our customers with the optimal, best possible concept for each specific location.

Close, communicative cooperation with investors, energy suppliers, operators, planners and banks is essential for optimal, successful project implementation.


Quality and price


-Best quality at fair prices-


Tecinnova International GmbH has the claim and lives up to it, to develop and produce highly efficient products in the field of renewable energies at different locations.

We do not primarily define ourselves by price, but offer energy-efficient systems with the lowest running costs for each unit produced, guarantee high system availability and ensure this quality standard in the long term, for this we provide an excellent service network and competent partners for worldwide activities.    

Energy and own power concepts

-Our solutions for commercial and industrial companies that want to become independent of power companies and rising energy prices-



Our services for you:


  • Analysis of your electricity consumption situation

  • Technical and economic conception of the best renewable energy technology for your company

  • Approval planning

  • Execution planning

  • Financing structuring

  • Technical implementation

  • Flexible and individual operating concepts

  • Contract and project management




Your advantages:


  • Long-term calculable energy costs in the company

  • Decoupling electricity price increases

  • Securing your competitiveness

  • All-round support from a single source

  • No investment costs depending on the operating model

  • Contribution to environmental protection

  • Image gain for your company

  • Make a contribution to decentralized regional electricity generation

  • Acceptance of your project through local added value


Individual concepts for more energy intelligence


"Always a crucial one

A step ahead of time "


We are constantly researching and developing solutions that enable our products to be used as decentrally as possible.


  • Tecinnova International GmbH supports your company in the digitization and professional management of your energy systems.

  • Tecinnova International GmbH combines innovative technologies and concepts from the fields of energy technology and information technology to create tailor-made solutions for the

  • Management of complex energy systems.

  • With innovative and performance-efficient processes from the areas of artificial intelligence and mathematical optimization, Tecinnova International GmbH enables the highly efficient operation of your

  • Energy system, this makes the difference. We create the added value of your systems

The fully autonomous Tecinnovation bus stop makes our daily journeys easier by allowing us to charge cell phones and tablets and use Wi-Fi while waiting for the bus. Tecinnova has developed a new product that is entirely designed in Germany and manufactured locally.

The lighting and other electrical consumers at the bus stops are operated by photovoltaic modules and controlled with the intelligent TIVSMART system.




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