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REFUsol 100K

REFU's next generation of inverters combines maximum power density with maximum compatibility, great installation flexibility, high service friendliness and excellent connectivity in a revolutionary design.

Compatibility: The inverter can be connected to any grid voltage between 200 and 480 VAC with a maximum output of 48 to 100 kVA.
Installation flexibility: Depending on requirements, the inverter can be installed on site in a vertical or horizontal position or directly on the frame. The spacious ConnectionBox is available with a secured direct string connection for decentralized systems or with a single DC input for central systems.
Ease of use: The PowerUnit can be quickly removed from the ConnectionBox for troubleshooting or measurements - without disconnecting the DC or AC cables.
Communication: The inverter is commissioned using the REFU app (available for iOS and Android), which connects seamlessly to the inverter via Bluetooth®. The integrated, fail-safe Ethernet daisy chain connection (alternatively RS485) enables cost-efficient monitoring without special accessories. Each inverter can be individually connected to the REFUlog portal for professional monitoring, configuration and remote updates.


  • High design flexibility
  • Best service friendliness
  • Maximum power density
  • Minimized BOS costs

REFUsol 100K

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