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RCT Power Inverter


The RCT Power Inverter is a particularly quiet inverter, because for us comfort is an absolute must. A good storage system should increase well-being and should not interfere under any circumstances. That is why our engineers developed the RCT Power Inverter with fanless cooling: no more unpleasant fan noise or whirring in the background.


More yield and future security

But comfort is actually just a small detail that makes this inverter so special. A variety of well thought-out functions ensure maximum efficiency, maximum yield and future security. For example, the three-phase inverter offers great flexibility for setting up new PV systems as well as an exchange inverter for existing systems. The output powers 4kW, 5kW and 6kW enable the connection of two solar generator strings with a very wide input voltage range.

RCT Power Inverter


    "Fits all" technology allows all module types, all string layouts and all roof types (alignment, shading) without loss of efficiency

    Up to 100% power unbalance of the MPP controller Possible input voltage range between 140 V and 1000 V Maximum input current: 2 x 12 A.


    Pre-installed parameters for different countries

    Integrated network service functions

    Dynamic power control

    Multi-information LCD display

    WiFi and APP for contactless commissioning

    Integrated data and error logging via APP

    Multi-function communication unit for connecting various additional devices

    Compact and lightweight housing made of resistant aluminum, protection class IP65: suitable for indoor and outdoor use

    Tool-free DC and AC connection



    Two independent MPP controllers, can be connected in parallel

    Fast and precise MPP tracking across the entire performance range

    Transformerless topology

    Overall efficiency ›98%



    Efficient heat sink: Noiseless, maintenance-free, fanless cooling

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